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For any integrated circuits you produce identify the primary integrated circuit type, product type, relevant technology nodes (in nanometers), and actuals or estimates of annual sales for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021 based on anticipated end use.

For the semiconductor products that your organization sells, identify those with the largest order backlog. Then for the total and for each product, identify the product attributes, sales in the past month, and location of fabrication and package/assembly.

List each product's top three current customers and the estimated percentage of that product's sales accounted for by each customer.

For your organization's top semiconductor products, estimate each product's (a) 2019 lead time and (b) current lead time (in days), both overall and for each phase of the production process.

For your organization's top semiconductor products, list each product's typical and current inventory (in days), for finished product, in-progress product, and inbound product. Provide an explanation for any changes in inventory practices.

Is your organization considering increasing its capacity? If yes, in what ways, over what timeframe, and what impediments exist to such an increase? What factors does your organization consider when evaluating whether to increase capacity?

If the demand for your products exceeds your capacity, what is the primary method by which your organization allocates the available supply?

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The Taiwanese government recently pledged to support TSMC if the U.S. government attempts to force the company do something that could potentially harm the foundry's relationship with its customers as well as its business.

"If our companies face unreasonable demands in international competition, the government will certainly provide necessary assistance and express concern to prevent Taiwanese companies from fighting alone in the international arena," said Wang Mei-hua, Taiwan's economy minister.
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Modern supply chains are complex mechanisms that are hard to understand even for their participants. The global semiconductor supply chain is certainly one of the most complex (if not the most complex) supply chains that exists today. It includes high-purity chemistry produced in Japan; materials mined around the world; IP designed in the USA; process technologies developed in the U.S., Taiwan, or South Korea; production equipment made in Europe, Japan, and the U.S.; and test and packaging facilities in China and Malaysia.  

Even if the U.S. government determines the industry's bottlenecks, it is unclear whether it has the right tools to deal with them in a short period of time.

Furthermore, plenty of economists hold complex supply chains operating in a market economy as self-healing organisms that tend to balance supply, demand, and investors' interests. Interventions from within can potentially resolve some issues, but if this is done at a cost of disbalance, they can do more harm than good.
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