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(Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Monday argued that competition in the nascent markets for chips in self-driving cars and a new category of networking chips could be hurt if Nvidia Corp carries out its $80 billion purchase of Arm Ltd.
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Since announcing the deal, Nvidia has sought to frame its purchase as a way of making Arm into a more viable competitor to the "x86" architecture owned by Intel Corp that dominates PCs and data centers. Arm is now used in the central processors for smart phones but not for data center servers.

Nvidia has argued that Intel's x86 architecture has 97.4% market share in data center servers, saying that it will invest in Arm to make it a more viable alternative.

But the FTC complaint on Monday focused instead on new markets where Arm is dominant and where x86 is not currently used. It said that Nvidia and rivals from Intel to Tesla Inc rely primarily on Arm for emerging fields such as self-driving car chips and "data processing unit" chips: networking chips that add a layer of security to data centers.
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