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How I trade BABA stocks and options

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i personally trade only BABA options too with capital of 150K set up at TDA since September 1, 2021. i have 7 strategies on hand with BABA shares and options combined:
1. covered call
2. sell otm puts (cash secured puts, meaning i sold only 10 lots)
3. iron condors
4. sell otm puts first and when the prices go up, sell calls
5. protective puts and selling calls (something like Collar strategy but with c/p having different expiration days, ie. puts having six month horizon and calls being weeklys )
6. short strangles
7. some forms of butterfly (rarely used)

i only pick one stock underlying at a time, now is BABA. I am located in Taiwan. I am struggling because i started to trade BABA when the stock was at 170 back then. Now i believe the worst trading days for the stock may be over and CC would be a decent strategy down the road. But i don't recommend using any leverages and when trading only its options, trade conservatively.


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