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The yield on the US two-year note climbed as much as eight basis points to 3.48%, while that on the 10-year security increased by a similar amount to 3.13%. The inversion of the yield curve, currently at 36 basis points, is not as extreme as the levels reached earlier this month.

The advance in short-end yields has some investors looking to buy in at these levels. The sell-off is attractive in a relative sense given the “bang for the buck” even with the amount of volatility, said Dave Plecha, Global Head of Fixed Income at Dimensional Fund Advisors. “We’re sort of buying into weakness in a sense.”
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The Fed’s leadership of a global hawkish policy wave and strength of the US economy is also sending the dollar surging. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index jumped as much as 0.6% to approach a record high set in July. The currency’s gains came as swaps traders boosted their expectation for where the Fed rate will be a year from now to 3.82%, from 3.68% a week ago.
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