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Is AI an bubble now? (問gemini)

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Whether AI is a bubble right now is a complex question with no definitive answer. Here's a breakdown of the current conversation:

Arguments for an AI bubble:

Hype: There's a lot of excitement around AI, and some companies might be overvalued based on promises rather than current capabilities.
Unrealistic expectations: AI advancements are impressive, but they still have limitations. Some believe hype around AI outpaces actual progress, potentially leading to a correction.
Arguments against an AI bubble:

Early stage: AI is a rapidly developing field. While there might be overenthusiasm in some areas, the underlying potential is significant.
Transformative potential: Similar to the internet revolution, AI could fundamentally change many industries. This long-term growth could justify current valuations.
Here are some resources to help you form your own opinion:

Article: "Is AI a bubble?" by Nick Hilton [AI bubble article] discusses the current debate.
Blog: "Are We in an AI-Induced Bubble?" by Innovator ETFs [Are we in an AI bubble] offers a market perspective.
Ultimately, it's up to you to decide  whether AI represents a bubble or a solid investment opportunity.


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